Competition rules

No helmet, No Skate!

All participants must wear a helmet in order to compete. No exceptions will be made.

You need a valid ticket to compete

To participate in the competition, registered riders must have a valid entrance ticket in addition to the registration fee. The registration fee must be paid at the registration booth located next to the bar/entrance area of the Urban Street Zone Skatepark. Participants must pay their fee one hour before the competition begins, otherwise they will not be allowed to compete.

The following are the registration fees for each category:

  • Seniors: €20
  • Juniors: $10

Competition format

The competition will take place in two rounds: Qualification and Final. The format and duration of each round is as follows:

  • Qualification: Jam format - 5 minutes, 5-8 riders (no last trick)
  • Final: Jam format - 5-8 minutes, 5 riders (including last trick)

Winners will be determined based on their overall impression, not just the best trick. Judging will consider a skater's potential, fluid lines, difficulty, style, and creativity. Tricks performed on unique obstacles or with new and creative techniques will be rewarded. The judging criteria include:

  • Potential: Judges will consider a skater's potential for landing difficult tricks
  • Lines: Tricks should be combined into a fluid line
  • Difficulty: Tricks should showcase overall danger and technicality
  • Style: Competitors should display confidence and effortless style
  • Creativity: Competitors should showcase creative trick selection and obstacle usage.

We kindly request that competitors watch out for each other and start lines on opposite ends of the park to avoid interference. Only performing one trick after another will not help in winning.

We wish all participants the best of luck and look forward to seeing your amazing skills!